Sacred Tears

Album: Whispers of Loneliness

Nome da música: Mysterious Light... (In the dark)

I’ve dreamed about nothing
In this full moon night
Her face while sleeping
I see at midnight

She gives her light
Even when the sun goes
Oh! What is more bright?
Oh! why? Please! Who Knows?

I’ve seen a pale skin
Behind her sins
Oh, my beauty bright
Who fades in the light…

Who are you in this strange night?
So much beauty cannot be real
I’ve drawn you behind the light
Oh please tell me what I feel

“Oh sweet, sweet light
Don’t fade in the night
So much beauty shall not cry
And for this I will die”

Vampire or Demon?
I’ve seen you
At the light of the moon
I’ve kissed you

Why have you returned?
In this full moon night
I have nothing to learn
From this sad cry

In this night of pleasure
I’ve found a treasure
It was in beautiful light
That she fades in the night

And she cannot be seen
She will die for this sin
Oh! Forgive me please
I must die for this