Sacred Tears

Album: Whispers of Loneliness

Nome da música: The Return of Winter

In the storm of a never ending night
Without hope, without regret
I bring back her ghost to the fight
Without shame, as I try to forget…

It is not the silence between
The weakest whisper, the wildest scream
More anxious than I ever been
Feel my soul forevermore

For my passion was a black river
Without grudge, without lies
And my love so real as gold or silver
Without shame, without ties

Laments come into my eyes
Without sense, without you
Acid rains burn the skies
Without remorse, without truth

The hours of sweat under the scorching moon
A nightly church, a church of sin
And then your emptiness came too soon
Bringing your hate, your hate within

Such lips I tasted overwhelmed and scared
Deep into - a new frontier
Green ghostly eyes that could not be compared -
A forest meant - to disappear…

It is now time to go
Without looking, looking back
The river must flow
Because it’s time, time to grow.

The cold morning awaits
Without a soul, without a heart
As I heal my drunkenness
Would like to, like to restart

Oh dear… is this the return?
Without anger, without beauty
Winter awaits then I shall burn
Like a martyr, a martyr I can’t be

Does the leprous have to wait in the rain?
Without hope, without dreams
I sliced my skin to soft my deepest pain
Not everything - is what it seems

It is not the silence between
The weakest whisper, the wildest scream
More fragile than I ever been
feel your soul - forevermore

It is now time to grow
Without looking, looking back
One of us must go
Into a dream – a dream of Poe